Monday, August 8, 2011

Alice Under Waterland

Try to stay cool & calm if you're under the same weather as here - that is, very hot & beyond-belief-humid. Trying to catch up with much & the internetz are not cooperating. Check out the underwater photography of Elena Kalis. I'd love to be standing there right this minute.

Update - Tuesday. I'm having trouble w/internet at housesitting gig. It comes & goes w/out rhyme, reason. I am a jinx:( But I am able to hang out on Twitter. Join me, won't you? Lots of blogger peeps are there.

Tuesday - 16 August 2011 - I have hopes for internet access at home tomorrow (Wed.)

Wednesday - 17 August 2011 - My hopes are dashed. Leaving coffee shop dejected. Growl.

Sunday - 21 August 2011 - As the kids say, OMG. I've been here all day trying to post & cannot form cogent thought out of swirling mini-thoughts. Plus: Julie the Cat has been very sick. Verizon is on strike & I cannot get the internet re-installed. I am hoping that news this a.m. re: strikers returning on Monday while talks continue bodes well. I shall return tomorrow.

(photograph by Elena Kalis via Tangerine Tangent as seen on automatism)


Kate said...

I love underwater photos. Thanks for the link. And it is hot as hades where i am.

Anonymous said...

what stunning image, love the colors in the water! keep cool sweets! ;)

btw, I have a little jewelry Giveaway over my place if you wanna check it out, and might like to enter!

Thank you!

Emily Vanessa said...

My sympathy regarding the heat as I know how unbearable it can be. Great photo which makes me want to plunge into it. Here we have tropical rain follwed by blinding sun but apart from a summer cold I can't complain. Take care and have a good week!

Melissa Blake said...

Wow, those are beautiful! And i know what you mean about the heat! :(

simon said...

once in the desert out west here it was 56 celcius under the shade of a tree. I had the window down of my 4wd and birds would fly into the cabin to enjoy the airconditioning!

Lea said...

That is gorgeous!

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Giulia said...

Thanks everyone...having internet problems at the house where I'm cat sitting...I am a jinx. :(

Diane said...

Simon may have a new angle on birdwatching, there!

interesting photo; I like playing with underwater portraits, the colours are other-worldly in the floating world.

Diane said...

here's one for you to post:

Maggie May said...

i can feeel that picture

simon said...

Diane- it sure made it easy! In fact where we were staying at teh time, (at Kinchega wool shearing shed), the only water was what was coming out of the under ground drip system for the lawn..made birding super-dooper easy... :o)

Mind you bird watching take on a whole new slant when you do it on the back of a fishing trawler..looking for albatross..

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

What a drag! (My cursor just went haywire over here and sped along a mile a minute.) The photo is great but the internet is not. Been thinking of GG. Hope the little one is okay. I've been off Twitter for a few days but need to catch up with all the silly and not so silly goings-on. So miserable here, I'm sure you know. I just looked over and saw Perry's face. Ain't it bad enough I gotta live in the same state?! Could ya move him down a few inches on your sideboard? Hahahaha.
Catherine xx
Never mind, I just realized that I can move the comment box over his face. There. That's better! Teeheeeeeee.

Giulia said...

Oh Catherine. Sorry I didn't see your comment until now. I'm still at coffee shop. Now the Verizon strike is hindering me. I heard the workers are returning tomorrow tho' the strike isn't settled yet.

Perry. OMG. Do not get me started. This whole thing is so weird. It is like being Alice.

I think of you every time I see something about Texas. My sister & her family & my mother too. (They're in Dallas area.) I do not GET it at all.

Talk to you soon on Twitter or email, I hope. xo