Monday, October 19, 2009

French Twist, English Style

I'm busy with a cat who is having/causing a wild rumpus (seriously) & I'm hugely disappointed that more people aren't bidding over at Made4Aid. Hence same general post as at Giulia Geranium -- at least until the rebellion is put down (non-violently). I placed a bid on this great French-style string bag made by wonderful Sally aka Lettuce. The bag has an elegant twist--a vintage-fabric lining with a little inner purse. I'd love to have it--but if someone cares to make this interesting, you have until Wednesday, 9am, NYC time. The price is low, the cause is great.

There are also several other items up for auction & I would tell you more about that but a cat is climbing onto my head. (Oh please, let our adoption application be approved.) Below is part of Letty's description. Owwwwww. Must go

Please have a look....xo/svs

Update: Reader, I won/bought it. (The bag, silly.)

From Made4Aid blog:

"This auction is for a hand-knitted string bag, with a twist - the twist being the lining. The bag is lined with vintage lemon/gold satin fabric, in a textured and two-tone leaf design....

"The string bag itself is knitted in black mercerised cotton, using two strands together - this is strong yarn and shouldn't stretch too much, although the knit pattern has some stretch in it, as string bags normally do. This is a really nice pattern, fun to knit - and you can find it here."

[photo collage/Made4Aid photographs used by kind permission]


lettuce said...

hey thanks Susan!

Susan said...

I'm trying...October is Made4Aid month on GG powers of persuasion have dimmed I fear.



Giulia said...

Reader, I won. Everyone at farmer's markets, regular shops, everyone asks where I got it. on things for good causes. Esp. if you need an item. Much better (& cooler stuff) than enslaved-masses-made junk.