Monday, October 26, 2009

Cat Naps

Even dogs catnap. A friend sent me an email today full of gratuitously cute animals (domestic & wild & two children) catnapping. (It was titled, "Have You Ever Been This Tired?") I don't usually do this (posting without permission or Creative Commons) but I don't know the sources of the photos. If you know, please let me know. I saw one (not posted here) that I used on Giulia Geranium for a St. Francis Blessing of the Animals day last year.

Anyway, Julie is getting a sense that she is not allowed to lie on the keyboard of the new laptop...probably from my semi-shriek when she gets near it.

I'm having a fairly miserable, tiring few weeks. So here are some of the cute pix to cheer myself up. Maybe you, too.



Mary-Laure said...

Oh this is just TOO cute.
Benjy never naps on my keyboard, but he sometimes tries to lie on my laptop to make it clear that he wants attention.

corine said...

Cute attack!!!!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

I promise I'll never nap on the keyboard again!!

Very cute... need that nap right about now.. just finished my 15hr working day.. no time for blogging or visiting... boo hoo

x ciao Julie [not the cat]

Susan said...

Mary-Laure: Julie does the laptop lie-on (when closed) as a not-so-subtle protest. I just went to use the desktop & now she's holding a non-violent protest "sleep-in" on the desk chair.

Corine: Yep, I was going for must've worked. I feel crummy but laughed when I saw the photo as I turned this thing on.

Julie-roo: I just sent you email...I hope you're sleeping as I type this...

ciao guys


Penney said...

These are just the very best!


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Nothing like cute cat pics to brighten your day. i got an email today that I knew was forwarded. I didn't want to open it thinking it would be more "religious" stuff from this person. UGH!!! forgive me if you're so inclined! anyways it was all funny cat pictures.....laughed my butt off. well not really it's still here!

Susan said...

lol. Not me...I was a phil/rel undergrad...we're innoculated (seriously). Actually a friend sent me a personal email & had inserted the top pix in to cheer me up. I asked where it was from so I could do a credit. Told
her to forward the whole thing to me...

Otherwise, I never forward my left-wing pinko (I'm quoting my father...I'm not extreme) stuff to anyone who wouldn't be so inclined to read.

Glad you stopped by...I promise I will visit everyone by early next week. I'm really dragging this week.

Good night!

Diane said...

o my goodness--- these are so cute! and just in time, I am heading off to sleep.

there is nothing like a sleeping cat or child to get my dozing off. the advantages of entrainment!