Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Shopping

Hyperventilating from spending a lot of (necessary) money today. So I'm "pretend" clothes shopping. September magazines are piling up, including Vogue. I'm reading/looking at fluff instead of writing. I need a day off. The poetry & literary landslide has to wait for tonight. Overwhelmed.

Though it's a January (1962) date, I couldn't resist this image from Just Covers, another Jessica aka myvintagevogue project (the tumblr blog is also in the right sidebar--you can see the high-resolution image there). I have three (3!) broken SLRs here so no decent photograph of Julie the Cat. Still putting one in...

Have a good Sunday evening/Monday (depending on where you are)!


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Stop spending money. Personally I think '62 was an excellent year! Julie the cat is a cutie. From the Julie the blogger.

Susan said...

lol. Hey, you are one of the people said get on with it & buy the laptop already! I ordered all the peripherals for laptop & stuff for this desktop. If I did that, I thought I'd be less stunned when I paid for a laptop. This week.

Is 1962, perchance, your natal year?

Julie the Cat thanks you for the compliment...I still need to at least borrow someone's good camera if I'm to take some decent pix (not only of her, but much else).


The Clever Pup said...

Yes 62 was a very good year.