Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Naomi LIFE. I was hoping for posts in some of the style & fashion blogs I link to & otherwise read but except for My Inner French Girl (In Memory of Chic, Naomi Sims, 1948-2009), I haven't seen them. I'm really disappointed. So from one girl who grew up in Pittsburgh to another, rest in peace Naomi. Much too early.

Here is a link to Naomi Sims Retrospective which has been set up for remembrances & posts. Funeral services will be in New York tomorrow (6 August).

[photograph by Yale Joel, October 17, 1969, LIFE archives]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Susan. I have seen a lot of coverage of her death - and read many wonderful stories about her as a person, as well as her busines acumen - in recent days. She was someone who put serious cracks in the glass ceiling imposed on women of color in the fashion industry.

R.I.P., indeed, Sister Naomi!

Susan said...

T, She certainly did (all of the above). I must be looking at a too-narrow list of sites, though. I did not see gorgeous shots of Naomi on some of the supersize image blogs. I'm sorry about it. They show great photos of so many models & actresses but virtually ignore models & actresses of color. I mean zip. The fact that it only really occurred to me when Naomi died is an indictment of me, too.