Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bon Appétit!

The black & white photographs show what le Cordon Bleu looked like when Julia was a student. They're from 1950 but it's close enough. The chef is so cute & French (even though he's waving an unfortunate eel in the air). I forget his name & am too rushed (OK, lazy) to look it up in my copy of My Life in France. Off to see the film today.

Ciao & happy Sunday wherever you are...

[photographs of le Cordon Bleu (& the unfortunate, anonymous eel) by Mark Kauffman, 1950 via LIFE archives; Julia's kitchen at the Smithsonian/National Museum of American History by F. Deventhal via Wikipedia. He has a flickr steam but Feedburner is screeching at too many links. Sigh. Here's the html:]


The Clever Pup said...

Thanks for these photos. I'm thinking of Sabrina. And the link within is showing your Marseilles dress. Envious.

Anonymous said...

I would really like to watch the Julia Child film, too. I love Meryl Streep - and I can remember watching Julia Child sometimes on TV.

Do you also remember Graham Kerr, "The Galloping Gourmet"? His wife's name is Trina, and it was the very first time I had ever heard of someone else with the same name.

I must admit, though, that my all-time favorite TV chef is Justin Wilson. I used to get such a kick out of him emphasizing just how important it was for the success of a dish to measure your ingredients out exactly - then pour almost half a bottle of wine into whatever he was cooking!


Susan said...

Hazel-Pup...I thought of Sabrina, too...great minds & all.

The Marseilles dress is on sale & there may be some left. Not to tempt you terribly, but it was well worth it if you are in need of a summer dress...there's also another one you might like. I'll visit you at the Clever Pup with the details.

Trina--I'm blanking on Justin Wilson. Absolutely remember Mr. Galloping Gourmet & Trina. My mother & I loved to watch that show & also Julia's various ventures over the years. I admire her tremendously. And her husband, Paul, of course.

I so enjoyed the film. I've been taken aback by the semi-negative reviews re: Julie Powell's part in the story. The Washington Post's Friday review contained ad hominem attacks on her. It was startling. There was no small amount of jealousy regarding her blog-into-book & with the film, some people have become outright bilious. Please ignore all of that & enjoy.

Now to go find out about Justin Wilson.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

My friend won free tickets to the preview of Julie/Julia and off we went. I hadn't been to the movies in years. They handed out too many free passes and we couldn't get in. Such was my Thursday night. But I have read Julia's bio and isn't she the most interesting person? I was floored by her amazing life.
Hope you found the computer of your dreams, Susan.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I just found out that Graham Kerr's wife's name is spelled "Treena", but still pronounced the same way.

I will ignore reviews and watch/enjoy the movie when I get a chance.