Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Night 'roo

"Model from Sydney, Australia Loretta North with small kangaroos at the Washington D.C. Australian Embassy during a party given for her and for them. Putting a sick kangaroo to bed."

LIFE photographers must have had a blast in the good old days of big budgets. I hope the 'roo wasn't really sick. Washington was more fun back then, I guess. Keeping kangas in the house is not recommended, surely. (The things one finds in an archive while looking for something else. But of course.) G 'night.

[photograph by Hank Walker, 1952, Washington, DC, LIFE archives]


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Didn't I tell you, we didn't have cats and dogs but 'kangas'. Took them to school also! These days it's too much bother, just keep a few emus. {???}

Really though, I did get chased by an emu when I was 6 or 7. My siblings just laughed as I ran round and round in circles with this thing hot on my tail.

Your Aussie Friend!

Susan said...

Well, that's what I've heard, Julie...that you Aussies stroll about with your 'roos on a leash. I blame the media:)

I'm trying to imagine the berserk emu. I didn't know they'd chase someone! 'Fess up: what did you say to the emu to provoke such a reaction?! I thought of you when I saw kanga pj party pix last night, absolutely.