Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter Reading

If you can steal some moments away to read but have finished a book & are flipping through the same 3 magazines, or are at home & can't get out to the library or bookstore, I have a few links. I remember being on more than one trip & in the same situation & not even close to an inadequate newsstand.

Lori of automatism has a good label, magazines + newspapers (& she always has beautiful photographs to share). Poets & Writers magazine's annual Inspiration issue arrived yesterday. I've not had a moment to open it, but it usually lives up to its title. The New Yorker always has good features accessible to non-subscribers, though it's not the same if you don't subscribe. The Guardian has an excellent book site, including links for children & teens, suggestions for seasonal reading.

If you enjoy poetry,
The Poetry Foundation's website is excellent with many searchable features. Here's The New York Review of Books (I am only 3 issues behind, ahem). To round off the New York pubs, here's New York magazine which is always amusing. And if you miss Frank Rich in the Times, remember, he moved to NY magazine. Here's his latest column: The Molotov Party. Even if you don't live in the States, you should read it. Make that, especially if you don't live here, you should read it.

I need to finish reading a manuscript but picking it up just before I go to sleep has not been a good idea (& it is a good story). So off to read today. If you've something to recommend, please do. I love having lists to take to the library, bookstore, & newsstand & not just the end-of-the year lists by The New York Times (though theirs is always good).

I'll be back for New Year's Eve. Cheers everyone!

(Woman Reading by Gabriel Ferrier via Art Inconnu)


Diane said...

Recommended: The Cat's Table. loved it! And Lapham's Quarterly (just ordered it online).

Long nights are perfect for reading.

Giulia said...

Love Ondaatje. I'll be over to read your review tomorrow. Lapham's - haven't read in ages. Thanks!

automatism said...

Thanks so much for the mention!! And — happy reading, too.