Saturday, December 10, 2011

Copenhagen Christmas Tree

I've been going through the photographs on the Giulia Geranium site & sizing, correcting attributions, etc. I loved this photo in 2008 & I still do. Worrying about getting a tree home (tricking/fast-talking taxi drivers was wearing on my nerves; asking busy friends was also nerve-wracking), I loved the idea that it was possible somewhere in the world to do-it-yourself on wheels. Here's Mikael's Christmas tree tag with cyclists & their arboreal hauls.

Also, I've read posts bemoaning the lack of space for a tree. I think they grew up with gigantic trees (I did & I love them) & would rather have no tree rather than "give in" for a small one. I think this because whenever anyone gives them ideas for a smaller version, there's a digging in of heels & a setting of jaws. "No, no, cannot." Hmm.For the rest of us, here's a take on a Christmas tree that made the rounds back in 2008, too. A great idea, especially if you have a lot of "stuff."

Do you put up a tree? Will you have a photograph of it that we can see?
Now, off to the market to provision the pantry & make these orange-y delights. Cheers!

(photograph by Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagen Cycle Chic)


carina said...

I love that picture too - and I have seen many people reenacting that scene the last few days here in Copenhagen. I myself have transported my tree home on top of my bike:-)

So yes, I have a tree - and a tiny apartment, but I can't help myself. I love Christmas trees!

You know my notoriously bad photography, but I will try to take a picture before the tree is completely dead.

Emily Vanessa said...

Great shot and what a wonderful way to transport a tree. I agree with you about people complaining they have no space; I saw lots of people today carrying branches in Ikea bags and some wonderful smaller versions which would have tempted me were it not for the fact that I'm flying to the UK next weekend. There we'll get down and decorate our little wooden tree with bare branches sprayed silver a few years ago during my creative phase. I'll do my best to take some photos.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

love this little photo Susan.. and love the tree... our aussie xmas trees are 'well lets say different'.. although they are looking much nicer in recent years... but i don't think I could cope with the mess in my place to have one this year...

I'd send you a mag with a lovely shot on the front cover.. but as you know it would cost me an airfare to post it.. hahaha

Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

Julie@beingRUBY said...

ps .. yes i know what's it's like to ask busy family and friends for help.. i try to avoid it where possible but had to call in the brother to get rid of a baby minor bird trapped in my yard... couldn't bring myself to trap it every time it screeched and cried at me.. I'm sure little Julie would have done the job for rme!!! xxx

simon said...

oh yes- we have a tree, some lights and one of toms sculptures drapped in lights and lace ( looks a bit freaky in fact)

I had to laugh on Saturday- there were people on our Northern beaches driving with massive trees poking out of sunroofs, dragged by push bikes. One car just looked like a mobile tree!

Diane said...

something so cheery about that photo of the tree. liberation! picked up my tree today, planning on decorating during the coming week. of course, a photo.

also got a kick out of the frolicking cats.