Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Arguably, she was the last of the great Hollywood stars.

I have an Elizabeth Taylor story. (She lived in Washington for awhile in that ill-advised marriage to a senator.) If you have Netflix Instant, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is available, as is Giant. There will be a ton of great pictures of Elizabeth (please, not "Liz"!) in her va-voom mode all over the internets today & in future. So herewith one as a child, for she was a child star first. Here's a link to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. (via imdb)


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Truly an icon. And one of the most beautiful women EVER!

Thanks for stopping by AGH and saying hello.

You'll have to let me know why you were thinking of me when you remember. Joan@anythinggoeshere

Emily Vanessa said...

A lovely tribute to a wonderful woman. Now I'm really dying to see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof again soon, plus A Place in the Sun which is my Mum's favourite. It makes me sad when great stars leave us, taking all their stories with them. Hollywood was so much more interesting back them.

P.S I can't stand people saying "Liz" either!

Katharine said...

But you didn't tell the story! lol

Angie Muresan said...

What's your Elizabeth Taylor story, Susan? No fair making us curious!

Giulia said...

@Joan - I'll try to remember:)

@Emily Vanessa - I love "A Place in the Sun" too. I wish it was on the Instant Watch list. I'm impatient.

@Katharine - Oh, I know. I just realized when I saw Angie's comment this a.m.

@Angie - Oof. It's embarrassing because it's no big deal. Now I've waited long enough that if less honest, I'd feel inclined to jazz up the 2 anecdotes. I'll write a little something later if I can find some appropriate pictures. But ET did buy me a drink & complimented my eyes. So very cool coming from her. She was unpretentious & good humored - just like everyone says. --Susan

Brian Miller said...

it was a sad day to see her go...she was quite the character in the movies and otherwise...smiles.

Giulia said...

Well,'re quite the character too. Tweeting away from NYC from your hippie poetry parties:) lol

simon said...

I confess i am not a fan at all, but thats just me. easy to judge her from all the media hype i guess. Sooo if I am ignorqnt. I appologise.

( these french keyboards are difficult) lol....

I am doing somthing completetly amazing... my washing. ahahahaha I think I will smoke a Gualloise, and sing some Jacques Briel whilst i wait for the spin cycle... Ne me quitte pas (cough cough splutter splutter)