Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cherry Blossom Walk

I try to resist getting a two-fer with the Julie blog but peeps, I am under pressure. Most of which I cannot talk about at moment. Anyway, here's the vintage photograph I found for today's Giulia Geranium. Anyone who is in the area, there's a Stand with Japan walk on Saturday, the opening day of the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Tidal Basin (where this photo was taken but no date). Oof.

And because some have asked via email. Yes, I support the intervention in Libya. I'm getting so much grief from fellow liberals that my hair might spontaneously catch fire. My blood pressure is rising & I have a literal pain in my neck (as well as everywhere else). Here's the deal: I worked a long time on the passage of
Responsibility to Protect. This mess fits the criteria. Therefore, I support it. It would be supremely idiotic to support the notion & then say I don't support action. That's the short version.
Oof. Again. Back as soon as I can.

Update - BTW. It's absolutely fine if people don't agree w/me. It's the ad hominem nature of comments that offends.


Katharine said...

But you stick your neck out there, it's going to get stepped on, right?


Giulia said...

Of course, Katharine. What you know of me - when have I ever not stuck my neck out? I don't mind if ppl disagree. What I can't stand is the sloppy logic of those who don't know & are perfectly happy to rely on knee-jerk ignorance. Fume.

(Hi, btw:)

Evelyne said...

Une belle promenade sur votre blog.
je venais de chez Saphire.
Bonne journée.
Beautiful blog.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

such a beautiful image~
something about vintage photography!
Perfect spring image*

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Gorgeous photo Susan
Hope this week is better for you.. the sun is finally out again here after a week of constant rain.. Just too bad it is not spring..

Have a good one. .ciao xxx Julie

simon said...

amazing. I have a cherry blossum tree photo i took in japan very very similar to this!!

Merisi said...

What a beautiful vintage postcard!

I once went to the Tital basin at 6AM in the morning, with a flask of tea and sandwiches for breakfast, to meet my friend V who was moving away from DC soon after. It was a wonderfully brilliant April morning. i cherish the memory.

As luck would have it, this same friend lives in Vienna now. It's a small world.