Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Get Off of My Cloud

Thursday, 27 Jan 2011 Update - Due to massive snowstorm, Julie & I decamped to an undisclosed location. Will post winter break news after we dig out. xo/S.

Tuesday, 1 Feb 2011 Update - We're still not home. More ice on the way. Go watch Egypt (& Tunisia) news...more important than us:)

What to do about: spammers, hacking attempts, people in the followers list who are suspicious, maybe enable the follower gadget, it's just a mess. So creeps, in my best Mick Jagger sneer - Hey you, get off of my cloud.

On a more pleasant note...for sheer delight, check out
Jeff Bridges's great website. Any admirer knows that he draws, loves his Widelux camera, & plays music. He's much more than that, though. He's a spokesperson (& co-founder in 1983) of the End Hunger Network. Read all the way down that link about his thoughts on how charities alone cannot end hunger. The series American Masters recently broadcast The Dude Abides about guess who & it was super.

I'm new to
Indecision Forever, a site run by the entertaining wackos at The Daily Show. If you will be watching the State of the Union Speech tonight (SOTU to us wonks), you might want to check in over there. I'm weary of the post-mortems. Wait, you say. It hasn't been delivered yet! I know, dear. You must not know that speeches are dissected before they're given nowadays.

Out I creep into the freezing apt. to heat up some soup & run back into the bedroom. Julie is asleep after playing with my braid & taking off my sleep mask about 5,000 times last night. OK, about 100 times. I'll be back to post a suitable photograph (s) for the break.


carina said...

Sorry about the various blog problems. Hope everything will be sorted out.
Thank you for the link to the Bridges site!

Katharine said...

JB's site is great. I love it. I didn't know about the photography.

I thought the speech was good, btw.

And Julie is so so cute.

Sorry about the spamming. I have no idea what to do.

Vanessa said...

Thanks so much for the link to Jeff Bridges' site - he's truly awesome. I hope that you can catch up on some shut eye tonight and that Julie behaves herself, although when they're so beautiful, you can never be cross. Sorry to hear about the spamming problem ruining your winter break; why do these people have to spoil all the fun?

simon said...

thats certainly one cool cat..

I got a lot of spammers once but not now for some reson which is great.

Whilst you freeze its 41c here...

Giulia said...

Hi all. The story of fleeing apt. & being stuck in blizzard in friend's car on major road will be humorous later. On a positive note, the police were v. good looking & good natured...about it all.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Oh Susan.. hope you are ok and no tlik elast year with no power... sorry for my absence.. I've been offline most of the week and trying to do some rounds today before I disappear again

Some great links here.. must check out the Jeff Bridge's site when I have more time...

Take care.. ciao xxx Julie

PS.. little Julie looks happy!!!