Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Calling All Designers

You do not have to be a traditional design professional (that's the point). It's

One of the advantages to feeling unwell is a stack of unread magazines. (Although--if W doesn't get better & this new editor doesn't stop putting naked Kardashians in an "art" issue, euwww, it is so over. God, what dreck.)

Vote on designs uploaded by others & winners see their garment manufactured & for sale online. I do not know how well they are constructed, etc. The site is in beta. There are some good-to-excellent illustrations. There are also some that look like I dipped into my Crayola box. If you were fairly early to Etsy, you know there was (is) some "real junk on there." (That was a friend before I gave her some things from Etsy a couple of years ago. In other words, sift sift sift.) It's the same with Garmz. There are some Etsy folk on there, too. Here's an interview with one winner, Lauren Reeser aka American Duchess. Here's Lauren's pretty Etsy shop, & wonderful historical costuming blog.

Go forth & improve Garmz. (designs/illustrations by Scarlet Movement & Anika)


carina said...

Speaking of etsy junk - do you know about regretsy? I must admit I often go there to get a good couple of laughs:-D

Here's the link if you don't know it:

Giulia said...

I didn't but should've...I'm laughing at it right now. Hilarious year-end post. Thanks, Carina.

simon said...

I have to confess I dont read a lot. I am usually too busy running around and then when I sit to read I either:-
1. fall asleep
2. stare blankly at the same page until the words look like ants.

AND i have reached a point in life where I cannot read with glasses on and I cannot read with them off.

Its all very frustrating!

I do find airport lounges good places to read a book though. :O)