Friday, November 27, 2009

Week's End - Woman at the Window

Salvador Dali's 1925 painting at the Philadelphia Museum of Art via Artcyclopedia. The Dali print is in my bath & the plumber is entranced by it. (I think it's the colors, he's not quite sure yet.) Meanwhile, he feels that I am unhealthily fixated on the photograph & that it does not belong next to the Dali. While noting his opinion, I respectfully disagree. Mostly so I'll stop thinking about the subject. I hope. Good night.

[The photograph via we heart it from an unidentified tumblr blog,


SabinePsynopsis said...

I thought I knew Dali, but this picture I certainly didn't. But most of all I'm quite impressed by your relationship to the plumber. Sabine x

Susan said...

Just realized how that must've read.
It's not as it might seem:) He's a Burmese gentleman & we talk quite often about international events, especially Burma, of course. For whatever reason, this time, he fixated on the image & waved off questions about some issue or other. I should've taken the opportunity to give it to him & move on to something else. By the time I thought of it, he'd gone & bought it.

(RE: painting. It's Dali's sister, I believe.)