Friday, November 13, 2009

Week's End - Blue Ribbon

So you think you want to be a muse, huh? No, you really do not. Especially when circling a former a-mused's book (painting, photograph, etc). Today venturing out into rain, draped in knitted layers & boots. Hiding under huge polka-dot umbrella. Go here to see the best little gray riding hood, possibly ever.

As for the ribbons. If I can't wear one 'round the waist at moment (see previous avoirdupois agony), the others are pretty. Yes, I am working on something other than looking at girly ribbons, etc. (Laughing at cat-bow photo title - Your life, it seems extravagant. I would place emphasis on 'seems.')

[photographs - blackcigarette: style era; the cherry blossom girl; your life, inspires/tumblr via we heart it]


lettuce said...

huge polka dot umbrella sounds rather fab.
i have a new little vintage-looking small black and white polka dot umbrella.

but this weekend is too wild and wet to venture out at all if i can avoid it!

Susan said...

It's wild there, too? Shall have to look. Hope it doesn't bring down newly-set up London Christmas lights. I always enjoy seeing, even if in photographs (this year).

Mary-Laure said...

Such beauty, such beauty! Ribbons are so versatile; I especially like gros grain.
I am sure lady Giula would look just perfect with a ribbon tied about her pretty neck, no?

Tina Tarnoff said...

how pretty! I love the off white shirt with the ribbon tied around the neck. so romantic. I have a similar shirt and might just tie a ribbon around my neck one of these evenings. hope your sunday evening will be a pleasant one! xoxo

svs said...

Thanks, T.