Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meowsers - Mattissean & Moroccan

Indulge me. No, not a cat site despite Julie's profile photo in 'about me.' There isn't time/tech support to separate the blogs yet. And really, it's not important. (Yes, first person. Watching The Tudors DVDs has made me self-conscious & annoyed by the Royal We-ness.) I spent part of Saturday (Valentine's Day) at the Washington Animal Rescue League's Catapalooza Day. It was hilarious. A cat cocktail party. As I walked towards the cat area's double-doors, a big orange guy was casually walking out like he had things to do, people to see. As confident as you please. I busted him. His name is Jam & he let me carry him around, quite content. A real pistol. I hope someone applied to adopt him. I would have done immediately if I had a for-sure contract or job. Alas, Julie remains an only cat & is not happy about it. At all. ciao.

[There's a sale at Kittendales on Cute Overload:)/Daily Kitten;
Morrocan kittens by only alice]