Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I'm pushing primroses because I bought one for $1.67 + tax. (I tweeted the photo but it's not worth posting here.) You cannot beat that with a stick. It will make you feel better, I promise. For some other ideas, here's my "do not toss out all holiday decorations" exhortation on GG. I'm sitting here looking at fluffy pink poinsettia flowers in a ceramic mustard jar. A stylist would charge many monies for that, I am certain. Cost to me: $3.99 6 weeks ago for the local poinsettia & I don't know how much for the jar. But the mustard was excellent.

I'm always looking for inspiration so if you have any, please let me know. I'm enjoying the IKEA blog, btw. (You can translate it if you like.) The photograph is by Teresa at Meadowbrook Farm, another new-to-me blog I'm enjoying.


Merisi said...

Lovely image! Primroses are heralds of spring to come, you captured that so well.
I remember buying them this time of the year at Johnson's Flowers in NW Washington (are they still there or only the big shop out on River Road in Bethesda?). I would leave them out by the steps on sunny days, bringing them indoors for the night so they would not freeze.

Giulia said...

Oh Merisi, that isn't my photograph - I always try to be clear with that. It's Teresa's at Meadowbrook Farm (link at end of post).

Yes, Johnson's is still there. I used to buy tons there & planted them after the blooms stopped. I ended up with large primrose paths & bunches all over my back garden. But I also buy them from Giant & Whole Foods. Whenever I see them, esp. sale.


Carole said...

Is there anymore perfect flower?

Happy New Year!


Julie@beingRUBY said...

How pretty Susan
I must admit I wouldn't have known what a primrose looked like.. [wonder if it is popular over here]

A happy flower indeed... and I like the idea of flowers in old jars.. I sometimes buy jam just for that purpose.. well.. that's my excuse for hitting the sugar

Have a great week...ciao ciao xxx Julie

simon said...

Nice colour! I must say it looks tidy too, which is making me feel frustrated that my garden is now covered in weeds, the hedges are looking "out of control" and everything is generally "tatty" :o( All in only 4 weeks.

I will have to pay a gardener to come in and clean up