Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Ballet

Hello all. A reminder that the summer Ballet in Cinema series has three ballets left: The Sleeping Beauty, La Bayadère, & La Source. I think this is only in North America. So many of you are elsewhere so please let me know if you have anything comparable. I'll keep looking.

Also in ballet-land: I've recommended Ballet Beautiful streaming videos before & here's an enticement: 15% off for July. Enter BBJULY in the code box as you check out. I recommend Swan Arms to begin. (Also the, um, butt series:)

Hope you're neither too hot nor too cold (nor too wet). This is a summer of extremes around the world. Climate change much? (Fie upon the deniers.)


(photograph/crop detail by Prabuddha Dasgupta; tulle underskirt by Vivienne Westwood. How I wish I were standing on a boulder at the crashing sea.)