Friday, April 13, 2012

Faire la moue

I am trying decide how/when to return here. Meanwhile, I pout (faire le moue) which is exceedingly unattractive. I do update Giulia Geranium most days. You can also find me on Twitter (follow button to the right) & Pinterest. I have made more Facebook friends lately. So if you're a blogger or a regular commenter who would like to be in contact that way, definitely send me a message. If for some reason you've been put on a Pinterest wait list, send me a tweet or an email & I'll send you an invitation.

For your Friday/Saturday: I love Françoise Hardy's rendition of Fais moi une place but listen to it on YouTube only (for now). It's not available for downloads. Dumb. I think my regular blog friends will love it, too (although you probably know it already, you sophisticates). If you've never made a YouTube playlist, I encourage you to do it. You can keep it private (well, not from Google Overlords but from regular ppl:). It's fun to try out music you're not sure you want to buy. Honestly, YouTube has driven more of my music purchases via iTunes than anything else the last year.

I'll try to have something new up soon & leave comments open. Ta for now. I miss everyone very much.

(photograph by Jean-Marie Périer via La Lettre de Photographie)