Monday, September 14, 2009

La Rentrée

Returning is decidedly difficult. Too many to-do lists. So off to make phone calls to remedy the situation, to swim, to ease la rentrée. It's usually one of my favorite times of year. (Except for natal day dread; more about which, perhaps, later.) Jumping into the autumn city swirl would be more graceful, I'm sure, if wearing a blue coat like this 1962 Yves Saint Laurent. One could glide in anywhere & no one would dare yell "You lie!" Yes, I'm still annoyed about the incivility towards our President. I keep referring to Professor Forni's Choosing Civility to keep myself under control. Yesterday I had it with me at a table wherein I had to hear all about why we [the organization] were wrong, misinformed, the usual. I kept glancing at my open tote, the book's title visible. It helped.

So that I don't just list complaints...I can report that I have been able to purchase some new clothes, books (a pile!), renew subscriptions, memberships, & so on. I am grateful.


PS: I first saw this Paul Schutzer photograph in myvintagevogue's flickr stream. Jessica has several terrific archival blogs. Her lovely official website, here.


The Clever Pup said...

I love the lines of the blue coat. Lovely.

Washington is a mess again. Are the Teapartiers just a bunch of bigots?

I can't believe the hyperbole I'm hearing.

How can Obama hate white folks? He's half-white. How can he be an Indonesian Muslim? The guy's half-Kenyan/half-American.

Why can't these jerks figure it out. He's the best thing you guys have probably ever had. He's smart and he's getting the job done.

I know, I know - I'm preaching to the choir.

You rock Susan.

Susan said...

Oh Hazel, I don't care if you're preaching to the choir. I (& others) feel so weary over this that any words in support or shared outrage at all are welcome. I could shriek, really. But it would wake the cat.

I love the lines of the coat too...I was thinking that it would give one courage to walk into that darkness with a coat like that. Beautiful sculptural lines...and it is a beautiful blue.



corine said...

New clothes? And books? And is the laptop there yet? Things are looking good for this rentrée.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Susan
Welcome back. The blue in this coat is stunning. I remember owning a blue satin jacket in this same hue many years ago when I still enjoyed spending lots of money on not much fabric.. hehe Great memories.. I just remembered where I wore it.. a very funny night.

Well I am pleased to report I have been reading quite a few pro Obama posts lately. And as a fellow Australian said recently.. 'IF the laid back Aussies are raising their eyebrows... something is amiss'

Catch you soon.. x Julie