Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Moleskine® Journal 2009

This is from a lovely flickr series called Without Soul by Alice Lucchin. First seen on automatism. Can't be une bricoleuse, we think, without a good blank Moleskine (or whatever your favorite is...we grew up with them, hence the fondness...but the sticker shock, wow).


Anonymous said...

ok, i love journal as much as the next woma, but find that a really beautiful and/or expensive on inhibits me. i look at it, savoring the feel and the smell. but write in it!?!?! anything i have to say seems so minuscule and insignificant by comparison. so i have some nice journals that are less than a third full - and a collection of cheap hard-back journals made in china (black with red) that are filled to the brim with thoughts and quotes and poems and things. bricolage, indeed!

just recently at one of my favorite little book shops (on a corner in Roermond, The Netherlands, about half a block from the public library)where we have stocked up on every imaginable kind of exotic cookbook they had a sale on so-called 'colourmix' notebooks. these are either loose-leaf or bound notebooks and journals in a variety of different colors and sizes. simple and inexpensive with the word 'colourmix' printed vertically up the right side of the cover.

first i bought cautiously. experimentally. loose-leaf notebooks in din a4 and and din a5. bound notebooks in din a5 and din a6. black. lime green. hot pink. aubergine. at between €1.50 and €0.80 a piece, how can you go wrong, right?

in the end, i must have - from visit to visit - accumulated a whole series in each color, and augmented them with at least 8 hard-cover din a5 notebooks (and a few odd in din a6) in as many colors as i could grab - mostly black (that's the neutral ex-ad exec in me, i guess) and lime green (to match my parker pen with the neck band).

there are always two din a6 in my handbag (1 hot pink, 1 lime green) for personal and business-related notes on the run. and a lime green din 15 for taking notes and making lists in meeting. the loose-leaf din a4 / din a5 in lime green are for mapping out concepts and jotting down thoughts related to projects and clients.

i haven't quite 'graduated' to the luxe of moleskin, but i'm working on it.

Anonymous said...

p.s. the hard-cover ones also have the little bookmark thingy....